Three Valley Conservation Trust Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to Kevin Ketring, Jacob Schlichter, and Wyatt Snodgrass. They are this year’s winners of the Three Valley Conservation Trust Scholarship. It is with great pride in all the applicants, and especially our three winners, that we can publicly announce these winners.

Kevin Ketring grew up on a farm and intends to return to farming after his college degree (current interest is Finance).  He was the president of his senior class, in the high school student senate, National Honors Society, FFA, 4H and sports. In addition to school and farming, Kevin helps clear honeysuckle from the woods on his farm. Way to go, Kevin!

Jacob Schlichter comes from a farming family. He is a long-time member of 4H and FFA, earned the prestigious State FFA Degree, and was a member of the Rural Soils Judging Team that qualified to participate in the National Land Judging competition in Oklahoma. Jacob was inducted into the National Honor Society and for the past year has interned with Dr. Ken Krom at the Krom Veterinary Service. He plans to attend Miami University before going to vet school at Ohio State.

Wyatt Snodgrass has extensive experience in conservation. He volunteers for the Raccoon Creek Watershed Partnership, the Waterloo Aquatic Education Center and is a Stream Restoration Volunteer for Bulter County Soil and Water. In 2016, he worked for MetroParks of Butler County and the Ohio Division of Wildlife (Fisheries Conservation) and in 2017 he will begin pursuing a B.S. in Wildlife Conservation at the University of Rio Grande.

The purpose of this annually awarded scholarship is to provide support for applicants pursuing careers that relate to the mission of the Trust. For example, work in agriculture, conservation, ecology, water management and sustainability represent some but not all of the related careers. Applicants are judged on the basis of a personal essay describing their commitment to conservatioan, an application, and two letters of recommendation. They do not need to be a high school or college student. Usually, there is only one award winner, but this year, there was enough money available to make three awards. Information about this scholarship is available on the TVCT website.

Congratulations to Kevin, Jacob, and Wyatt!

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