Planned Gifts

Planned Gifts allow you to leave a charitable legacy, with options that can:
* Increase your current income
* Plan for the financial needs of your family
* Reduce the overall tax burden to your heirs
* Reduce your current income tax and/or avoid capital gains tax
* Diversify your investment portfolio
* Make a significant gift that benefits you now and Three Valley Conservation Trust (TVCT) later

Gifts to Three Valley Conservation Trust (TVCT) most often fall into one of four categories…
1. Estate Gifts – Assets or 401K/Life Insurance beneficiary (via a Will or Revocable Trust)
2. Life Income gifts – TVCT holds assets on your behalf and pays you income from them.
3. Retained Life Estates – Gift of a farm, real estate or home that you continue to use.
4. Outright Gifts – Including Cash Equivalents, Appreciated Stock or Securities, Real Estate, Partnership Interests and/or Personal Property.

If you would like more information, please read this brochure!
Planned Giving Brochure

If you would like someone from Three Valley to talk to you personally, please call the office at (513) 524-2150 or email us at:

Thanks so much for your interest in leaving a legacy which benefits Three Valley!