Financial Giving

How can I financially support the mission of Three Valley Conservation Trust?
square 200pxl_6070664RECURRING DONATIONS: Monthly or yearly donations (credit card or check) are the mainstay of our financial support (member donation page)
is our major fundraising event. Dozens of items are auctioned (live and silent auctions) accompanied by a reception, drinks, dinner and fun. Other events occur throughout the year.
INDIVIDUAL GIFTS In addition to cash gifts:
IRA Owners Over 70½ once again have an additional way to give to Three Valley. An IRA owner, age 70½ or over, can directly transfer, tax-free, up to $100,000 per year to an eligible charity.
S   Stock Transfers
The donor takes the full “stepped-up” value of the investment – the charity gets the full “stepped-up” value of the gift.
provides future benefits to TVCT with no impact on your current finances.
  Beneficiaries: Assign TVCT as a beneficiary of an IRA, life insurance policy, or other part of your savings portfolio. Although I hope to spend all of my savings, in case I don’t, I’ve designated Three Valley to receive 10% of my IRA (the remaining will go to my children and other charities).

Destinations for Gifts: You may wish to designate that your gift go to a specific purpose. If no designation is made, the Board of Trustees will use your donation for the best use by TVCT.  Contact the Executive Director (Chad Smith – 524-2150), the Chair of the Board of Trustees (Mark Boardman – 461-1294) or the Chair of Major Gifts (Sandra Woy-Hazleton – 319-4410) if you wish more information.
Specific designations include:
S     Stewardship or Operations Endowments:
our mission is stewardship of land, and all of our activity is directed towards that end. These endowments ensure that the annual monitoring, file upkeep, legal issues, etc. are maintained forever. The invested funds continue to grow at a long-term rate of about 7%, and the Board of Trustees permits use of up to 4% of the value of TVCT endowments.
L     Land Acquisition Fund:
These invested funds constitute a revolving fund primarily used to leverage easement and land acquisitions.