Vision | Mission | Values | Goals

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Southwest Ohio is recognized for its permanently protected and conserved open space in woodlands, watersheds and family farms.(adopted 12/3/1014)

Mission Statement:

“To conserve natural habitats, waterways and agricultural lands in Southwestern Ohio, for the benefit of present and future generations, through partnerships with people and communities.”  (adopted 11/5/2014)

Core Values:

  • Watersheds, forests, farmland, and the cultural landscape are important components of a natural environment.
  • Protection of the natural environment is beneficial to a community.
  • A land trust’s effort to protect the natural environment respects private ownership, land-owning family tradition, and recognizes the importance of citizen support. 
  • A land trust welcomes diverse viewpoints and approaches to the common goal of farmland and open space preservation and water protection. 
  • A land trust conducts business professionally, transparently and sustainably.
  • A land trust succeeds when easements are well written, celebrated, cherished, and legally sound with transactions confidential to the extent permitted by law.  
  • A land trust is a resource for information and source of pride for the community.
  • A land trust supports, honors and respects its board, staff, volunteers, members, donors, partners, and community.
  • A land trust is committed to implementing its mission into perpetuity.

(Adopted December 1, 2010)


  • Three Valley Conservation Trust will set the standard for land conservation and water quality in our region.
  • The protection and enhancement of waterways, woodlands, vistas and farmland in our region will be seen as exemplary land conservation.
  •  TVCT will be recognized by landowners, developers, and public officials in Southwestern Ohio as an important resource for conservation planning, land protection and land use planning or sustainable development.
  •  TVCT will be the holder of choice for land protection agreements and partnerships with willing landowners.
  •  The TVCT region will be cherished and known for: protecting land, water, and scenic beauty;  providing open spaces for livable communities; and safeguarding the heritage of productive farms, and cultural landscapes

(Adopted December 1, 2010)