About Us

Three Valley Conservation Trust (TVCT) is a member/contributor funded, non-profit land trust.

We actively work to preserve streams and land through permanent conservation and protection agreements (known as conservation easements) and stewardship of these properties. As a land trust, we help landowners retain control of their family lands while preserving agriculture and rural heritage, the environment and the economy of our area.

We protect and monitor 190 properties (as of July, 2017) covering more than 21,000 acres under permanent conservation and agricultural easement agreements.

Preservation Through Conservation and Agricultural Easements

► An easement is a permanent legal agreement bound to the land, not the owner.
► Property owners retain private ownership and use.
► Easement terms and conditions are developed by the landowner and the Trust.
► An Easement preserves the conservation values of property forever.
► Conservation values may include:
2 Silvoor woods ► Agriculture
► Wildlife habitat and unique plant life
► Stream corridors
► Woodlands
► Historic structures

► Development rights are transferred to Three Valley Conservation Trust as a charitable contribution.

Three Valley Conservation Trust Provides Diverse Assistance
► Helps preserve family lands through strategies designed to carry out the landowner’s wishes.
► Identifies potential tax incentives for the landowner.
► Helps eligible landowners apply for Federal, State and Local Grants to permanently preserve their habitat and/or agricultural areas.
► Monitors protected lands yearly to assure their use adheres to the terms of the agreement.
► Provides estate planning and conservation-based development options.

TVCT Support to Communities
► Assists citizens and governments to create land use and watershed protection policies. Such policies may be for:
unnamed ► Green space & farmland preservation
► Conservation zoning & Low-Impact Development

TVCT Supports to Farming Families
► Assists farm families to achieve their goals for:
square 200pxl 3992931 ► Farming
► Land protection
► Habitat
► Financial well-being

► Helps eligible farmers apply for federal, state and local grants to preserve permanently their farms.
► Secures “pass-through” land protection grant funds of which 100% is distributed directly to landowners.
► Keeps the land available for agricultural production.