Ruder Restoration Work Continues!

Restoration progress at Ruder Preserve/Photo by Donna McCollum

Want to wander in the woods?  Join us for a garlic mustard pull on Saturday April 29th, or more planting and caging of trees on Saturday May 6th, 9-noon each day, followed by lunch.

If you haven’t driven by Ruder Preserve lately, come see the wonderful work that has happened this week (thank you Miami University students and TVCT members!) – another half acre of honeysuckle was cleared near the entrance and about 100 trees and bushes were planted!  Wildflowers are beginning to come up – there are fields of wild ginger and patches of white violet, Virginia bluebells, dutchman’s breeches, waterleaf, and more!  It is truly a beautiful place!

On April 29th, 9-12 am with lunch afterwards, we will be working on removing bush honeysuckle, of course, but we also will do a garlic mustard pull. We especially need – right now – people who can identify small honeysuckle – it is a perfect time to pull the small ones so we don’t have to use herbicide on them or dig them up when the soil is hard as cement.

Please join us either (or both) of the next 2 Saturdays as we work to get this beautiful area looking more like what it used to!  There are plenty of things to do, whether it is hauling honeysuckle to our giant piles, wielding a chain saw, helping provide food for our hungry volunteers, or just taking pictures to document the effort.

Contact Donna McCollum at with any questions.

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