Ruder Preserve Is All Yours!

Did you know that Ruder Preserve is one of the few properties owned by Three Valley?  And that means that as a partner of the Trust, it belongs to you!  And that means . . .  that you are always welcome to help in the restoration effort underway there!
The restoration has been moving along this spring with the help of many MU students and some TVCT members – – THANKS EVERYONE!  Here’s what we’ve accomplished:
  • another ~1 to 1.5 acres cleared of honeysuckle
  • garlic mustard pulled on much of the western side of the property
  • ~125 trees and shrubs planted
  • ~90 of those trees and shrubs caged to protect from deer browse
  • some lesser celandine sprayed with glyphosate herbicide
  • a small bench built and placed near the low level dam (THANKS Hays Cummins’ ecological restoration class!)
  • 2 dead trees cut down (if you need firewood, please feel free to come and get it!)
However, as the summer begins and MU students leave town, we still have ~ 50 trees to plant, plants to water if the rain ever stops, cages to make, stakes to put into cages to keep them in place, and – as always – more honeysuckle to remove.
So, since Ruder Preserve belongs to YOU… would you be willing to help?  If so, please contact:
We’d really love for the Ruder restoration to become your project, and for you to enjoy the results this summer as you walk the beautiful trails.
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